Our services are flexible and can be hired individually or in the form of a Program, based on the understanding of which initiatives fit your company's reality and needs.


(Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Balance, Self-Knowledge, Self-care, Happiness, etc.)

Awake knowledge of the benefits of meditation that neuroscience has been showing, demystifying myths and creating the desire to develop a new healthy habit in the participants' lives. 98,5% of those who have already participated would recommend our lectures to their friends.

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Guided Meditation Sessions

Different 15-minute long guided sessions, done online and live, conducted by qualified and experienced instructors from MINDSELF, which can help in the creation of the habit of meditating. It can also be offered in an in-person way.

Mindfulness pills for business meetings

Brief Mindfulness sessions (5-7 minutes) that can be put during the opening, closing, or during business or another type of meeting break. It can be done either online or in-person and it is a way to take meditation to the company's daily life and help with the promotion of this initiative among teams and managers.

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Meditation and Mindfulness Trainings

5 1-hour long classes, once a week, online and live.

Develops the brain by amplifying self-knowledge and focus. Helps improving relationships and teamwork and enables us to better deal with the stress and anxiety of our frenetic world. 

After the 5 weeks, there is a daily follow up for 21 days with messages and practices through an exclusive group chat on Whatsapp.

Mindful Leadership Workshop

4-hour long (2 hours on 2 different days online and live) or half time in only 1 day (3-4 hour long event)

Shows how it is possible to improve emotional inteligence habilities to a more human and present leadership, with bigger capacity of dealing with challenges and daily pressures, making better decisions in a clearer way and to cultivate better relationships.

After the workshop, there is a 21-day long follow up with messages and practices through an exclusive group chat on Whatsapp.

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Emotional Balance Evaluation

IMEPP - Personal and Professional Emotional Balance MINDSELF Index

Self-evaluation over aspects of a balanced life, bringing consciousness over the current situation to cause reflection and opportunities for the employee´s improvement. For companies, it shows the average of the employees' diagnosis and give the opportunity for defining an action plan over the most critical points. The company report can be shown broken by departments, sectors, and/or job levels.

MINDSELF Meditation Stations

(Booths, Cubes and Totens)

Allow your employee to take a 5 or 10 minute healthy break during its shift, allowing him/her to make a simple, guided or not session inside the company environment and whenever the person wants. It occupates a small space and brings confort to practice. EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT IN BRAZIL. 

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Available on Android and iOS, can be used at any time and helps your employees to incorporate the habit of meditation into their life. Simple and intuitive, it has guided practices, meditation sounds and an up-to-date content from MINDSELF´s Meditation and Mindfulness Training. It provides your company usage statistics that can be used for the understanding of the major needs of the users of the most searched sessions.

Online/live and In-Person Guided Meditation Sessions

Would you like to have a structured meditation program in your company?

Our programs are structured and include several types of services so they can fit your reality.

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