Meditation and Mindfulness for business

Take the practice of meditation and mindfulness TO YOUR TEAMS as a PREVENTION TOOL FOR EMOTIONAL BURNOUT


Introducing the practice of meditation and mindfulness of those who have never imagined themselves practicing, enabling them to make better use of their own potential, resulting in better outcomes in their lives. As a natural consequence, it will establish a healthier workplace with happier and more productive, balanced and engaged workforce.

"Our mission is to take meditation into the corporate world as a tool that will provide self-development and self-knowledge for those who never even imagined themselves meditating someday."

-Alexandre Ayres and Wagner Lima 

Mindself Founders

About us

We believe people can live with more emotional balance, self-knowledge, and quality of life even living in a frenetic and challenging world

Meditation for Business

MINDSELF was founded by two former executives of large multinational companies, meditation practitioners, that have dedicated their time to learn more about international best practices, focusing on taking regular meditation practices to corporate and educational environments as a tool to guide mental training and presonal development.

We are specialized in taking regular meditation practice and mindfulness into corporate environments as a tool to prevent emotional burnout. As former executives, we are familiar with the reality of the corporate world and due to that, we have developed meditation skills that helped us develop a successful professional career with a better quality of life. Based on the medical and scientific basis of several studies and researches carried out all around the world, we see meditation as a way to get mental training, and along with that personal development.

What do we do

We help employees of our clients to better deal with daily stress, anxiety, pressure and conflicts. 

Our Meditation and Mindfulness programs are developed with an exclusive methodology to corporate environments and totally free from religiosity and esoterism.

Watch the video and get to know how we take meditation and mindfulness to the workplace.

How it works

We work with the implementation of meditation programs designed to your company's reality, based on a unique program deployment and management methodology. We don't believe in meditation just as a one-off action of well-being.

We believe in encouraging the creation of meditating habits in the workplace, taking meditation as a tool for the development of the workforce.


How our Services and Programs are delivered

We have a qualified and experienced team of instructors and decades of experience of the founders in the corporate world. We count on our exclusive 3P5F methodology for the deployment and management of our programs that was created based on several studies and discussions with companies from US and Europe that had already successfully implanted similar programs.

We recommend the implantation of an on-going monthly program that will take meditation into your company. The pros will come in the medium-term along with the development of meditating habits by your teams. Get in touch with us so we can help you define the best option according to your objectives and bugdet.

3P5F Methodology

There are 3 fundamental pillars and 5 steps that, when combined, bring better engagement rates and success to meditating programs in companies.

The exclusive 3P5F Methodology was based on research carried out in Brazil and abroad and is focused on the corporate meditation and mindfulness programs adoption that bring good outcomes to workforce development.

The 3P5F Methodology was developed to attract people that don't have the practice habit or have never seen themselves practicing. The main focus is on program engagement, on right communication for the business environment, and the creation of daily meditation habits.

It is based communication and training best practices, on the broad experience of our founders as former executives of big corporations, on best practices for the development of good habits, and on deep knowledge of different ways of practicing meditation.

The execution of our methodology englobes technical aspects of meditation and mindfulness in a structured way, using proper language for corporate environments, allowing people to get more than simply knowledge and theories, but embody the habit of practicing so they can take advantage of the several benefits already proven by thousands of scientific studies from well-respected institutions as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and others.

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Expected results

According to WHO - World Health Organization - mental health initiatives, especially those related to anxiety and depression, generate an average ROI of US$4 for every US$1 invested.

Get in touch with MINDSELF and find out all kinds of benefits your company and your employees can get from our programs!

Have a workforce with more

...And less

Our Story

MindSelf is a young startup, founded in 2018 by two former executives who decided to leave their careers in the corporate world to undertake and take meditation as a personal development tool to the corporate world.

The partners do not consider themselves “meditation gurus”, they are ordinary people who have been practicing meditation for a long time and have dedicated themselves to studying the subject more deeply to bring the practices to the corporate world with methodology and processes suitable for this environment.

They have used meditation in their careers, as executives in large companies, as a way to take better care of their health and to better deal with the stress, anxiety, conflicts and pressures present in the corporate world.

MindSelf brings meditation to professionals like them, who never imagined themselves practicing meditation or who have tried and failed, and also to skeptics, as they were before discovering and enjoying all the benefits of this practice.

Count on MINDSELF and our team for you to have a healthier workplace, and a environment with more emotional intelligence as well as better well-being rates.


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Alexandre Ayres


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Wagner Lima


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