Drawn specifically to take meditation to the company's employees.

Brings out the possibility to consolidate daily knowledge about meditation through guided or non-guided sessions, exercises, and classes from the meditation training to be taken according to your availability and using your own smartphone. It includes guided sessions with different durations and practices, several meditation sounds, and also the exclusive MINDSELF Meditation and Mindfulness Training which can be done in 5 steps with different classes and exercises.

Meditation App for Companies

Example of a Guided Session available on the MINDSELF MeDiT App


MINDSELF MeDiT App Statistics Report

The App provides monthly statistics of usage to the program's maneger of the client to follow the engagement rates and employees' usage. Allows the manager to have a detailed view of the usage in order to focus on actions he/she can take based on the needs that were identified by the kind of session chosen by the employees. Examples: Focus and Concentration, Relaxation, Creativity, Energy Recharge, Anxiety Control, Stress Control, etc.

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