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Meditation Booth

What are the MINDSELF #MeDiT Meditation Stations?

Our MINDSELF #MeDiT Meditation Stations are exclusive in Brazil. They are part of the "Creation of Habit" pillar of MINDSELF´s 3P5F methodology. It has the goal to be another option in the workplace to provide to employees the daily meditation practice in their work environment.

It is another innovation to the MINDSELF Corporate Programs. All the stations types are available to be installed around Brazil and they are available 24x7 inside the client's workplace, open to everyone to take a 5 or 10-minute long healthy break during their work journey to meditate according to the person's needs.

How do the Meditation Stations work?

The Stations have a MINDSELF app installed in a tablet with a high-quality headphone and allow access to different guided or not-guided practices so you can have different options to practice:

Check the available models and their characteristics to fit different environments

#MeDiT Booth

With an up-to-date design with high-quality materials, occupies only 1,2 square meters and it is a MINDSELF exclusivity in Brazil to take meditation practices to the company's daily routines, offering acoustic comfort for the user.

img cabine
img cabine

#MeDiT Cube

Pretty, up-to-date, easy to install, and ready to be used anywhere inside your company, with comfort and convenience.
Its seat provides an adequate position and can be customized in different colors and trims to the fabric and wood.

#MeDiT Totem

Light, useful, and ready to be used practically anywhere in your company, favoring mobility since it is easy to transfer from one place to another. It can also be installed in individual rooms inside the company. You just need to put it somewhere with an available seat, put the headphone on and start meditating.

img cabine

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